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Coordinated Behavioral Care (CBC) is a not-for-profit organization which was formed in 2011 and comprises of innovative community agencies that are seeking to be leaders in NYC's reconfigured Medicaid-funded healthcare system. Started by a few mental health and chemical addiction treatment agencies, CBC presently has over 50 NYC providers as its participating members. Together, the members offer the broad spectrum of community services needed by low income New Yorkers and populations with special needs; Targeted Case Management (TCM), DOH-licensed diagnostic and treatment centers (many of which are Federally Qualified Health Centers and/or NCQA Level 3 medical homes), mental health clinics, chemical addiction treatment programs, supportive housing, home care and much more. Many CBC members also have vast experience in providing care coordination through a large field staff who connect people to needed services, ensure coordination among the care team members and advocate for people struggling with multiple problems-mental illness, medical issues, and substance use- as well as myriad social problems. CBC's mission is to develop and operate care management programs that make it possible for New Yorkers with chronic medical and/or behavioral health disorders to live longer and healthy lives and, when feasible, do so at a lower cost to the Medicaid system.